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What We Offer

Solar + Shade

Our custom-designed Solar + Shade systems redefine outdoor living by combining architectural ingenuity with renewable energy. These meticulously crafted structures not only offer an inviting shaded space but also seamlessly incorporate solar panels, transforming sunlight into power. With a range of sizes available, our Solar + Shade systems provide a tailored solution that harmonizes eco-friendliness and personalized aesthetics, making your outdoor retreat both stylish and sustainable.

Solar panels installed on shade structures. We build custom shade structures and install solar on them.
Solar additions to preexisting shade structures (example: pergolas, gazebos, carports)

Just Solar

Illuminate your existing shade structures with renewable energy by integrating solar solutions that not only enhance their functionality but also reduce your carbon footprint. Experience the synergy of shade and solar in a seamless upgrade that embraces sustainability and innovation.

Just Shade

Crafting personalized elegance, we provide homeowners with bespoke wood shade structures that seamlessly blend into your landscape, offering both respite from the sun and a tailored touch of beauty to your outdoor haven. Elevate your property with our custom creations, where form meets function in perfect harmony.

We build custom shade structures of all shapes and sizes. Carports, gazebos, pergolas

DIY Kits

Experience ultimate flexibility with our DIY options – all our products, including EV chargers, solar panels, and shade structures, are available for purchase in our online shop, allowing you to customize and install them yourself.

Solar + Shade

Just Solar

Just Shade

EV Chargers

Smart Electrical Panels

Visit our online shop today to explore our exceptional range of products and make your purchase, bringing innovation, sustainability, and style to your doorstep.


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