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Why Sunniva?

Savings and increased value. That is what a Sunniva System will bring into your life. We are cheaper than the competition but also add value to your home, property, and life. Energy savings and tax credit incentives also add more money in your pocket.

Contact Sunniva to learn more about how you can save and add value into your life.

We strive to bring you the best product by using great materials. Our systems are created with excellent products to bring you a system that is efficient and quality. Check them out below.

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Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 

We use 645 watt panels that have a temperature tolerance of -40 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. They are approximately 4' 3" x 7' 9". These panels have a 24.9% panel efficiency rating making them almost 10% more efficient than the average solar panel. 


NEP BDM 500-Macroinverter

Microinverters are attached to each panel and then are connected to your main electrical panel. Because they are attached to each panel individually if one panel or connection goes bad or is shaded the rest of the panels will still operate properly and efficiently. 

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Racking System

Custom S5 Clamping System

A unique option to offer the best look and strong hold for your system. Ideal for keeping your pergola strong and attractive.

Wood Structures

Rough Sawn Doug Fir

We use thick beams of doug fir to build the structures. Doug fir is a strong wood for steady and beautiful structures. Each piece of wood is coated in Penofin to protect from weather and the sun. .

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