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Personalize your outdoor oasis with our range of stain colors, allowing you to customize your new pergola to match your unique style and preferences. From warm hues to rich tones, our selection offers endless possibilities for creating a captivating and tailored outdoor space.

Exterior Wood Stain

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    We offer a spectrum of stunning stain colors. We utilize Flood stains, with each option available in an array of colors that enrich the natural beauty of your wood shade structure. For a truly unique touch, feel free to call us for a custom color that perfectly captures your vision.

    If you do not see a color you like, feel free to reach out to Sunniva and we can find you the color you want.

    Note: For pergolas we recommend 1 gallon for every 50 sq. feet of project. Contact us if you have questions. 


    Stain Color Choices


    Flood Pro Series Solid Colors:


    Flood Pro Series Transparent:


    Flood Pro Series Semi-Transparent:

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