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Elevate your existing structures with our seamless solar integration, offering a sustainable energy solution that blends harmoniously with your space. Whether it's a shade structure or another building, our solar expertise transforms them into power-generating marvels while preserving their original charm.

Just Solar Kit

SKU: 364215375135191
PriceFrom $1,265.19
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Experience a complete solar transformation with our comprehensive package, including solar panels, microinverters, and a specialized racking system. From efficient energy generation to streamlined installation, our all-inclusive solution empowers you to embrace clean energy seamlessly.


    Included in the kit:

    -Solar Panels (Canadian Solar panels)

    -Microinverters and Gateway Monitoring device (NEP microinverters with NEP monitoring device)

    -Custom S5 Racking system (S5 clamps with custom racking system)

    -Other Electrical Hardware (AC tail cable, jumper cables)

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